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Pledge your next birthday to support SHOFCO!

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Goal: $50,000
$1,450 4

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Pledge to give up your next birthday, ask for donations instead of gifts, and help change lives!

Start your birthday campaign today! Instead of birthday presents, rally your friends and family to donate on your behalf to bring hope to the lives of men, women, and children in the Kibera slum. Your birthday will help Shining Hope for Communities provide free education for Kibera's most vulnerable girls, comprehensive community healthcare, youth soccer programs, women's empowerment groups-- and much more! 
Your birthday is the perfect opportunity to make a difference! What impact do you want to make? 

$250 sponsors the salary of a nurse or midwife for one month

$720 sponsors a student’s education for one year (including daily meals, uniform, school supplies, & healthcare)

$1,000 builds a latrine center with three stalls

$2,500 provides meals at Margaret’s Safe Place, the boarding facility for our most vulnerable students, for one year

$5,000 provides medication for our maternal and child health cases for one year


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